Internet Speed Checker

Use the application below to check your internet connection speed.  The test will give you a good indication of your internet connection download speed, and also will tell you what the upload rate is.

You can use the information to help make improvements to your internet connection speed.  Some simple solution to increase the internet connection speed are listed below the test.

  • Faulty BT Socket = Very Slow Internet Speed.
    Look at the front of the BT socket and you will see that the bottom half has a panel held on by two small screws.  Remove the telephone cable connector and undo the two screws.  Now carefully pull the small panel towards you, so that it comes out of the socket.  Now you will see another socket that you can plug the phone connector into (this is the test socket.) Plug your cable into the test socket and run the internet speed test again.  If it increases the speed significantly then there could be a fault on the front panel.  To solve this issue you will need a BT engineer to replace the socket.
  • Longer Cable = Lower Speed.
    If your router is connected to the main telephone socket (where the telephone connects inside your house) by a telephone extension cable then remove the extension cable and plug the router directly into the box.
  • Old Age = Slow Movement.
    If you’re using old networking adapters, or your router is a few years old, then update them.  Wireless networking has improved over the past few years and the speed of transferring data between modern devices has more than doubled.
  • Noisy Dial Tone = Slow Connection. 
    Pick up your home phone and listen to the dial tone.  It should be a regular noise.  If you can hear any crackles or clicks then you may have a line fault.  Test with another phone and then contact your provider to run a line test.

Please note:  I do not accept any responsibility for any issues that result from using the above.  The information is supplied to help you get a better internet speed, and is for reference only.  You should either have the skills needed to complete the internet speed improvements, or employ a technician who is capable of completing the test and resolving any issues.

I hope you found the article useful.  Please share with others who may also have an internet speed problem.