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Starting a new business is an exciting time, it can also be a time when expenses start to build up and eat into your start-up budget.  One of your largest expenses will no doubt be sales and marketing, if people don’t know about your business then how will they be able to use your service, or buy your product?

Let me tell you a little about my experience of starting a new business:

I started a new business during the Summer of 2000, and with little in the way of a budget I was knew that getting sales and promoting my business was going to be hard work. After buying several thousand flyers from an online company I set out for a day delivering them to households around my area.  After a hard day walking in the cold rain and posting the leaflets trough the post box of every door I came across I returned home to three missed calls.  Great, I thought, my hard work appears to have paid off.

Unfortunately, when returning the calls that evening, the potential customers had made contact with another company and used their services. So, I had spend all day posting hundreds of leaflets and ended up with no customers for my effort. I was doing the thing that other small business owners had done to generate business, I was leaflet dropping and getting together an advert for the local paper.  My friends who had started a business did exactly the same thing and they seemed to have done OK.   I was doing something wrong, but what?

The thing I was doing wrong is that my sales marketing ideas were being based on what my friends did to get their businesses off the ground, they had started out with press advertisements and leaflet drops because that was the way their friends had started, it’s a traditional way to generate sales, and although still useful, in my opinion, it’s not that great in today’s digital world.

Things have moved on and traditional ways to generate business don’t do the job as effectively as they once did.  Let’s be honest, when you’re looking for a service, or product to buy, where do you go first?  Do you look through a pile of leaflets? Look at the adverts in the local free newspaper? Travel from shop to shop comparing products and prices? Not that long ago people did this, but in today’s age most people head straight to Google.

This is why my business advertising had failed.  I was using a traditional method and things had moved online.

With online marketing the customer is already looking to buy your product, they are actively searching for someone to fulfill their need and if you’re business is not their, then they will use your someone else.   I know, you probably already know this and I should cut to the chase and tell you how I can help you.  But give me two more minutes of your time to tell you what I did to get my business sales…

Realising that things had moved on in the small business marketing world I decided to buy a web name(domain) and set up a small business website.  I built the site and managed to get it listing on Google for the services I was offering.  To be honest, I was not expecting much from the site,  I knew how to build websites and how to structure the content so that it actively engaged with its audience.  I was hoping that the site would help me promote my business to people in the area and that, maybe it would generate enough sales to pay for itself over the year.  I was in for a nice surprise.

I received my first customer from the website after two weeks of it being uploaded, within six weeks I was getting regular calls from people who had found the site and were interested in my services.  It took time, but since that time I have built up a very nice small business, with all of the customers originating from the website.  I don’t spend money on press adverts, and I don’t need to spend hours trudging through the streets delivering leaflets to hectometers who are not actively seeking my services. I did exactly the same for my partners business.  Based in Barnsley, she was convinced that press advertisements and leaflet drops were the best way to get customers, she was convinced that web advertising would not work for her customers, she runs a local foot health business.  Even though she had seen how my business worked by generating sales through Google, she was insistent that she was right.   Today she generates all of her sales through her business website, in fact it’s been so successful that she is now turning customers away!

Let me get one thing straight, a web site will only generate sales if the information contained in it matches the expectations of the visitor.  If your business is not what the audience is looking for then you will not get enquireys from your website.  It’s all about giving people the right information, in the right format, at the right time.  So, although I have built several websites that have made the owners money, it can’t be guaranteed.  Having said that, consider the following information.


I am offering you the opportunity to have a website for your business, or organisation, that includes everything you need to market your business on Google. At a price that is very hard to beat.

You will get:

  • Your own dedicated domain name  (
  • Email addresses
  • A years hosting with one of the top web hosting companies
  • A WordPress based website (Most used website building application)
  • All content and coding for the site done for you
  • Your website copy professionally written for you
  • Your business on Google my Business pages
  • The website registered in Google, Bing, and other search databases
  • The website Search Engine Optimised

All this for HALF of my normal price.

If you take this offer TODAY, then I will give you the service for just £250 + a £10.50 fee for registering your domain name.  You don’t pay anything until the website is completed and online.


Unlike other web site building companies I want to build a relationship with my customers,  If your new business takes off then I hope that you will keep using my services when you need a larger website, or need someone to write your new website content.  By offering you my service at this price I know that you are likely to jump at the chance, and that’s fine with me.  I would sooner have lots of happy customers than a few who feel they might have paid too much for their website.

You may be thinking that by paying a little more you will be getting a better website?

It depends on what you want the website to do and how big your budget is.  This service is designed to help start-up businesses in the Sheffield area, if your a large business who wants to sell products directly from a website and has a budget for Google adwords then this offer is not for you. It’s designed for small business who are starting out, or who don’t have thousands to spend on a website.  As for the quality of the website, here’s a little about me

  • I’ve been developing and building websites since the 1990s
  • I’m a member of the UK Web Design  Association
  • I have a Honors Degree in Online Communications
  • I’ve been there and got the T-Shirt

If you would like to have a chat about your business and if it would benefit from a website, or would like to jump at the opportunity of having a website built for just £250 then give me(Ade) a call on 0772 4848 115 or email me through the contact page on this site.


* Please Note that the offer is first come first served, if I get too many people jumping at the chance then I may need to remove the offer until a later date.


Article first appeared at Barnsley IT Solutions 


Ade Ward
Ade is the owner and technician at Sheffield Computers Ltd. He is a registered CompTIA Pro and has been working with computer technology since the early 90s. Apart from spending his time sorting out people's computer problems he's also an avid blogger and has an interest in online communications. Including website user engagement, content copywriting and the psychology of website engagement.
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Ade is the owner and technician at Sheffield Computers Ltd. He is a registered CompTIA Pro and has been working with computer technology since the early 90s. Apart from spending his time sorting out people's computer problems he's also an avid blogger and has an interest in online communications. Including website user engagement, content copywriting and the psychology of website engagement.

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