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Getting a reliable internet connection that doesn’t cost the earth is something many people have problems with.  Most issues revolve around the connection speed, or the amount of times they cannot access the internet due to a fault.  The problem is often made even more stressful when you try and contact the internet provider to get assistance with the problem and find they are having difficulties getting the call centre operator to understand what they are saying.  If this is you, then I might have found your answer…

As someone who uses my internet connection for my work, it needs to be reliable.  For the past five years I have used Virgin Media and did find them very good, until around six months ago.   Having a super fast connection to the internet was great, but I often wondered if it was actually any better than my neighbours internet connection, which ran at 5Mbps.  Anyway, it all started to go wrong when, one morning I switched on my computer and…no internet connection!  Great, I needed to respond to emails from customers, so needed it fixing quickly.  I phoned the helpline and managed to get through to a guy in India who would assist me with my problem (my problem with their connection)  The next 20 minutes were spent going through his list of things that needed to be done before he could authorise an engineer visit.  Eventually he decided that the fault wasn’t mine and could be a fault with their equipment.  An engineer would call and fix the issue in five days time.  Two days later, the connection miraculously cured itself, I still waited for the engineer, who never turned up.

Since hat time the internet connection regularly dropped out, with the only fix being to reset the router.  The other issue with the service being that any streaming of video was horrendously slow.  This with Virgin’s 100 Mbps service, which in reality was giving me around 38Mbps of downstream speed.

The other thing that wasn’t right was the massive  increase in charges that Virgin Media had added to the monthly bill.  It had doubled since signing up, and they were planning to increase the cost even more. Enough was enough, so I decided to call them and try to get things sorted…fix the faults with the service, and reduce the cost, and I will be a happy customer.   The new customer offer for the same service we had was £27 per month for the first year, we were paying double that.  “As a loyal customer, would it be possible to give me the same offer?”

The answer was a predictable ‘no’  “I’m sorry Mr ward, but that offer is only available to new Virgin Media customers.  The best I can do is reduce your bill by £2 per month”

And so I decided at that point to take my business elsewhere. But where?

I’ve had dealings with BT, TalkTalk, and Sky,  they are OK, but as their call centres and online support is  based in India there is an issue.  It’s not the people they employ that’s the problem, it is more their limited  ability to do anything except give basic advice.  I am also skeptical about the security of personal information when it is kept on a server in a far distant country such as India. TalkTalk have had several issues with the personal information of customers getting into the wrong hands, and it’s something I personally do not want to risk.

So, what’s the answer?

Who can provide me with a reliable internet connection, one where my information isn’t stored in another country. where I can speak to someone who understands me, and one where I am not going to be ripped off by increasingly hidden charges?

Having done plenty of research, and after asking many friends, family, and customers, I have found that Plusnet appear to be the best UK internet provider at the moment. Plusnet are a UK based internet provider that provides both broadband and ultra fast fibre connections.  Their prices are great, their internet connection is reliable, and what makes them unique is that their call centre is based in Sheffield, UK.

Now is probably the ideal time to switch.  They have  great offers available to customers…The basic package has, no set-up costs, £19.99 per month (Includes telephone line rental and unlimited downloads) and…£50 cashback in the form of a personal cheque.  This package gives you reliable internet for an amazing £15.58 per month over the entire year.

The offer is only available now.  So take advantage and save your self some money, and stress (no more Indian call-centres)

To take advantage of this offer simply visit of follow this link >Plusnet £50 Cheque Offer

I hardly ever recommend services to customers, but this time I feel it is probably in your best interest.

If you do decide to take up this unmissable offer then all you need do is sign up online.  Plusnet will take care of everything for you, including informing your current provider that you are moving and moving your telephone number over to your new connection.


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Ade Ward
Ade is the owner and technician at Sheffield Computers Ltd. He is a registered CompTIA Pro and has been working with computer technology since the early 90s. Apart from spending his time sorting out people's computer problems he's also an avid blogger and has an interest in online communications. Including website user engagement, content copywriting and the psychology of website engagement.