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How to Become a COPYWRITER

Being a copywriter can, if you like writing, be an excellent and easy way to make a living.

People think you need to be some kind of wordsmith. or have a degree in English language,


It really doesn’t matter how good your English writing skills are, as the purpose of copywriting is getting your reader to do something.  The something might be convincing them to click on a link, or to buy a product, or maybe pick up the phone to make a call.  Here’s a little secret that you probably never realised.

The best copy doesn’t use perfect grammar, or complicated words.  It uses short words, and often contains bad grammar, and slang.  It’s all about getting the message across in the easiest way.

So, how do you become a copywriter?

From personal experience I can tell you the best way is to complete a short course that will give you the basic tools needed to start out in this great career.  In fact, at this very moment I am studying a short course in copywriting, I spend 10 minutes going through the course material while I drink my morning cup of coffee.  The number one thing I have realised is that it has only taken me five cups of coffee to learn more about copywriting than I did during seven years of university study.

If I knew how much I could learn from doing an online course in such as small amount of time, then I wouldn’t have even started university.

I suppose it’s like learning to fish.  You can spend years studying the behavior of fish, where they swim, what bait to use, what line to use, and how to best present the bait.  Or, you can spend a day with an expert fisherman and learn from years of experience.


How do you become a copywriter?

You learn the tricks of the trade from an expert, by doing a short (coffee break) course.

If you have time for a coffee break, then you have time to do the course and make a change to your life.

Will it cost money?   Yes, it will cost you something, but it will pay for itself over and over again.

Copywriters get paid good money for sitting down and writing messages, it’s an easy job if you like writing.  This year one copywriting job that I completed paid for my Summer holiday.  A Month touring East Asia.  Ten flights, five countries, and  eight 5 star hotels…Paid for from ONE copywriting job.

My university degrees cost me over £25,000, and what did I get at the end…A piece of paper saying I had a degree.  A short copywriting course will cost you less than £50, which is less than I get paid for an hours work.  If you are serious about making money as a copywriter then you need to learn from an expert.

So, here’s a link to a short copywriting course to get you started Copywriting Crash Course

Good luck and let me know how you get on (you will thank me for this)


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