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Disposing of your old laptop or desktop computer is easy right?  You just take it along to your local recycling plant and place it with the rest of the old worthless computers.

But, before you do that, read this…When you delete a file on your computer hard drive, what you are doing in reality is marking that portion of space on the hard drive as being available for new data to be written to.  What you are certainly not doing is deleting the information.  If your old laptop or desktop hard drive gets in to the wrong hands then you might be making a mistake that could cost you more money than you think.  That worthless old computer could be someone’s goldmine.

Online banking, business and personal accounts, pictures of your family, driving licence details, passport photocopies, personal emails…It doesn’t just end there,  what about your email addresses, and passwords?  Your online bank account log in details, in fact anything that is kept in your web browser history.

Even a formatted hard drive can be un-formated to give access to the files.

Take time to watch the video below to see how easily your data can be recovered.

Personally I would say, if you are certain you have no information which would be useful to someone then by all means drop it in at the recycle plant.  It’s certainly the cheapest way to get rid of your broken or old laptop.  But, cheap isn’t always best.  If you have used it at any time for banking, booking holidays, eBay, Amazon, emails, saving personal information, pictures of your kids…Then get the information disposed of professionally.

At Sheffield Computers we take data security seriously.  If we dispose of a laptop, or desktop for you then you can be sure that nobody will be able to gain access to any of the information.  To do this the hard-disk is removed and then special software is used to permanently delete all information from it.  It then goes through a process where the software writes and rewrites data to the disk in order to make sure it is impossible to recover any information from it.  The disk is then physically and electronically destroyed to ensure that it is impossible to recover anything at all .

Providing you are in the South Yorkshire area the cost for permanently destroying data, and for recycling the left over parts of the laptop/desktop computer is just £49.   A small price to pay for peace of mind and the knowledge that no one will be able to get any information from your old or broken computer.

To organise your old laptop or desktop computer being collected and professionally disposed of please call on 0114 3601477 or text 07724848115, or email:








Today I was given a reconditioned external hard drive that a customer had purchased on Amazon.  The hard drive appeared to be as new, and contained no files, or so we thought.  50 Minutes later, after running recovery on the hard disk and I managed to recover several gigabytes of photographs, documents, several video, sand also an entire library of the previous owners iTunes files.

Which, I guess, just goes to prove my point about making sure your information is professionally removed from your devices if you plan on either disposing of them, or selling them to a third party.



Ade Ward
Ade is the owner and technician at Sheffield Computers Ltd. He is a registered CompTIA Pro and has been working with computer technology since the early 90s. Apart from spending his time sorting out people's computer problems he's also an avid blogger and has an interest in online communications. Including website user engagement, content copywriting and the psychology of website engagement.