How long before artificial intelligence can write better than humans?

Are we really walking blindly down a tunnel to a land where  artificial intelligent programs that will write articles better, quicker, and cheaper than the human writing machine.

I guess you’re  probably thinking it will never happen, humans are creative, where machines are not, or maybe you think you’ll be long gone and pushing up the daisies before artificial intelligence is anywhere near capable of writing articles like a human.  Well, maybe you need to reconsider your thoughts…

According to many specialists within the artificial intelligence community, ‘machine intelligence will start to dominate the planet by the year 2036.’  Currently it appears we’re in the age of novelty.  Voice recognition such as Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, are great fun and serve to be useful additions when in need of getting fast information without the need of typing into an application.  At the moment they are a bit of fun, but soon…

The next phase of machine intelligence will be the ‘Age of Utility.’  This will see machines assisting us with everyday tasks, such as being our personal assistant, helping drive vehicles, and translating languages on the go.

The next phase will see machines becoming companions for humans.  The ability to converse, give support, and become friends with humans.  At this stage in the evolution machines will interact with us just like we do with other humans, possibly even better.  According to several experts this will happen before 2028.

During the 2030s it’s predicted that machine intelligence will have progressed so much that it will have self-awareness, be capable of deep analysis, and have an intelligence that surpasses that of the cleverest humans.  Where humans will fit in to this new world is debatable.

How soon before artificial intelligence will write articles better than a human? …

Below you will find an article that has been completely written using artificial intelligence.

Successful Email Marketing

You realize that your opponent is getting more attention than you. According to everything you learned from Master of Business Administration school, it goes against the principles of success which your competitor does turns into gold despite having a substandard item. The question remains, why are they successful and you are not? Maybe your competitors has a better marketing and advertising team and strategy. There are many tools available for automating your advertising efforts on social networking and even emails. Marketing Automation is platform utilized for coordinating, planning, and controlling your anxieties and quantifying campaigns effectiveness. Yes, there are several mixed tales about marketing automation.


The main obstacle one has to overcome is the first setup. It’ll solve much of the on-line government issues in the long term. What’s even more dreadful is making up a schedule, subject, and finally having a chance to take a seat and write about it. What do you plan to write about? This isn’t an opportunity to write about and\/or pitch your company’s latest product. That’s a possibility to highlight a few of your exclusive, valuable information about your business. You need relevant topics and you would like to write consistently. You would like to be viewed as the authority on your industry.


Most importantly, this is a minute to provide something very special at no cost. If we don’t collect and\/or review data, we won’t be able to track the ROI, and we will not get an insider’s view of our client’s needs or their availability. Lastly, if we don’t have information, it isn’t easy to convince others to use your marketing and advertising and advertising services. Having the right data allows us to make a more client centric campaign. Learn to research client and product trends, offer distinctive surveys and create your very own data that may be utilized for quarterly white papers and market comparison.


Most people have their phones with them 24\/7. Individuals sleep and even use their bathrooms with their phones. There is no reason to not reach out to people with this method. Normally, text messaging has a mean of at least ninety percent open rate. Simple mobile friendly web sites have taken over the multi page, exhausting desktop version. With e-mail and text campaigns, you can offer discount rates and insights to clients who exclusively use the mobile phone. Implementing a mobile marketing plan allows you to accumulate a lot more data, which may in turn enable you to re strategize your approach.


Once you have reached out to all your current contacts, then what? Create platforms where one can mine for your very own data. Once you have developed these platforms, you’ll have greater chances of converting you to a potential sales lead. Before you move one to a sales lead bucket, develop a few steps that you reach out to them individually.




OK, so at first you will say it’s not well written, but then it’s isn’t supposed to be.  You see the software I used has been developed to help human writers create better articles.  The software searched the internet for information based around your chosen topic.  It then compiles the data into an article, allowing you to use the ideas to develop your own written content.

Will artificial intelligence take over from human writers?

I would take an educated guess that it certainly will, and this will happen sooner rather than later. According to Moor’s law ‘computing power doubles once every two years.’   If Moor’s law progresses at the rate it has for the past twenty years, then in twenty years from now computers will be 1,0000 times faster than those of today.  Faster than the human brain.

We are in a time of machine evolution that will at some point take over from humans, for that there is no doubt.


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I will be back…