Services and Price

Local Computer Service

 In most cases your computer can be fixed within 24 hours, no messing around unplugging the wires, taking it to the local repair shop, and waiting.   If it can’t be fixed then you pay NOTHING! 

We don’t hide our prices, or have hidden additional costs.  What you see is what you pay.  A simple way to do business and a simple way for you to know the cost before deciding to get the work done. 

Remove Virus or Malware Infection  The majority of virus and malware problems can be resolved within the first 2 Hours  £49
Windows Re-Installation Reinstall Windows Operating System, restore settings and drivers. £49
Upgrade/Replace Hard Drive, Re-install Windows, and Transfer files. Hard drive replacement is completed away from your home/office.  The price for replacing a hard drive, including installing Windows and transferring your files to the new drive. Plus the price of the new hard drive. (Depends on drive type and size.) £49 + £15 Collection and Delivery.  
 Email Problems  Normally email issues are resolved within two hours  £49
PC or Laptop Health Check & Service Full virus and malware scan and removal, full temporary file removal for all user profiles, full hard disc scan and error correction, full registry clean, removal of any unwanted software or services. Completed with two hours. £49
Windows boot problems In most cases Windows boot issues can be resolved with the first two hours £49
Laptop Keyboard Replacement Unfortunately this service is no longer offered
Transfer files to a new computer Transfer documents, music, photos, videos, emails,  from old computer to a new one.   This can be time consuming, depending on the amount of data you need transfering. Normally this services is competed by collection and return, due to the time involved.  £49 Plus £15 to collect and deliver.  
Data Recovery  For the best chance of recovering data your computer will need to be scanned with specialist recovery software, this can take several hours depending on the amount of files on your hard drive.  The computer would need collecting and returning due to the time needed to recover data. £49 +£15 Collection and Delivery. 
Internet connection problem Most problems can be fixed within the first two hours
Printer Connection Problem Resolved within two hours £49
 Website Administration and Updating Service  Hourly rate, currently discounted. (See  £15 per hour


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