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Someone to Update my Website

Many of us have business or personal websites that need attention but we don’t always want to pay the web designers to do updates or alterations.  In many cases web design companies don’t even offer website administration or a web site updating service.  This is mainly due to them being too busy to bother with updating sites when they could be making more money by designing and building new websites.  It is for this reason that I have decided to offer my services as a web administrator to you at a more than reasonable hourly rate.

It doesn’t matter if you just want some images altering, a rewrite of your content, alterations to your product line, changes to your eCommerce price database, or even improvements to your website’s Search Engine Optimisation. You can hire me to do the work at a crazy price of just £15 per hour.  If you want me to do the work at your premises then there would be an additional charge for the cost of transport.  There’s no hidden cost, and no VAT to add.  Just the basic £15 per hour.  Be quick though as I’m already getting bookings for work.

Am I qualified to do this type of work?

Yes…I have taken two degrees in online communications, including SEO, Web Design, Writing for the Web, Public Relations.  I have also built many successful websites for small businesses in the Sheffield area, and I am currently working for a large company in Sheffield updating their busy website with new product information, images, and SEO information.

If you want more information on the best practices for updating websites and getting people to engage with you online then take a look at my personal website

If you’re interested in me updating your website for you then please get in touch a.s.a.p by either calling me on 0772 4848115. or emailing me


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